Inheritance in go (golang)

It took me some time to wrap my mind around go’s inheritance. Here is how it works:

This results:

$8g inherit.go && 8l inherit.8 $ ./8.out Hi Fi

Just add the parent struct as anonymous property to allow the child to inherit parent’s methods.

This is part of my efford to create simple MUD server in go: gomud.

Disable KDE file dialog in Chrome

To disable the KDE File dialog in Chrome Unstable, set NO_CHROME_KDE_FILE_DIALOG=1 as environment variable. Here is the code reference.

Generating static verison of CodeIgniter website

I love CodeIgniter and I love how easy it is to generate static version of your website. You just have to overwrite the _write_cache function in the Output.php class and turn the caching on. Here’s my version:

Creating ebook with Markdown, pandoc and GNU Make

Writing bok with markdown is pure joy. I started a short practical SQL tutorial yesterday and it started do get traction today. I used shell script at first to generate the static HTML page for the book but make looked like a better idea. Here is the Makefile I use:

BUILDDIR = ./build

.PHONY: clean spell

all:	html epub

html: *.markdown style.css Makefile
	pandoc -s --css=style.css --toc -o $(BUILDDIR)/index.html *.markdown
	cp style.css $(BUILDDIR)

epub: *.markdown style.css Makefile
	pandoc -t epub --epub-metadata=metadata.xml -s --epub-stylesheet=style.css --toc -o $(BUILDDIR)/book.epub *.markdown

	rm -f $(BUILDDIR)/*.html
	rm -f $(BUILDDIR)/*.css
	rm -f $(BUILDDIR)/*.epub
	rm -f *.bak

	for i in *.markdown; do aspell --lang=bg_BG check $$i; done

Important note: make requires TAB for indentation.

Hranoprovod - command line personal life tracker in google go (golang)

Hranoprovod is my ledger inspired calorie/weight tracker written in go. The first prototype version was implemented in PHP, and it also worked well, but I decided to take a look at golang.

Malko ERP basic database

Let’s start with the product management. I’ll try to keep it simple for the time being. My weapon of choice, when designing the database schema is the almost great WWW SQL Designer.

Right now the schema looks like this:

ERP Database Schema

And the XML file is located here.


Just started a new project in github today called “malko-erp”. The “malko” part stands for “tiny” in Bulgarian. The idea is to lay the grounds for basic ERP system with e-commerce frontend.

Stay tuned for the updates…

Kohana Tutorial

I started to learn Kohana 3 by writing a tutorial for it. Take a look at it here if you are interested.

Simple counter

Top site counter is small and simple appengine hosted counter. [caption id=”attachment_119” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=”Top Site Counter”]Top Site Counter[/caption] The source code can be found here. Demo is available here.

Great waterfall

I created a test page full of badges and counters and that’s what came out as waterfall diagram: Waterfall The whole report is here.